Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lingerie part 2

(Thrifted onesie intimate, Zara vest, Thrifted suede shorts, Ebay zipper boots,
Thrifted belt, Walgreens sunglasses)

  • Onesie intimates are so incredibly versatile and obviously bring a little bit of the sex factor into any outfit. If I were living anywhere else where fashion mattered, I'd definitely experiment with wearing the onesie alone with some hose, a long chunky sweater, and some beatup boots.
  • I was so inspired to find some leather shorts similar to Chloe Sevigny's x Opening Ceremony. I took a trip to my local Salvation Army and stumbled across these comparable suede ones. Ebay has a large selection of leather shorts but I'm hesitant to buy any because there's a thin line between a cute vintage fit and looking just plain dated (in a bad way).
  • I sort of said 'Aw' when I saw this photo of David Beckham helping his wife block a potential crotch shot from the paparazzi. 10 times better than opening the door for your woman, if you ask me. Chivalry is definitely not dead.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Vogue Italia

The accessories in this editorial are pretty sick.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Worse Idea Ever

(Ralph Lauren cardigan, Value Village bustier, Cheap Monday jeans,
Steve Madden leopard flats, Hecho a Mano necklace)

  • I was in search of a (1) bustier a couple of weeks ago. It happened to be a 50% off Wednesday at both Salvation Army AND Value Village. I scrounged up 3 bustiers and 2 onesies, one of the the onesies being Christian Dior. One of the bustiers I used for my most recent DIY and yes it's finished! It will make an appearance soon.
  • FYI, it's peach not pink. I swear.
  • The great thing about high-waisted is you can wear the most miniscule top and still pull it off. The reviews for these jeans were conveniently not available when I purchased them and are pretty accurate. Even with their fits-more-likea-legging-than jeans, I've been wearing them nonstop.
  • Stopped by Saks to check out their sale and made the mistake of trying on the Gucci Lucy platforms. They really are freaking spectacular in person and even better worn. It's like 5 pounds, 6 inches of luxurious, ridiculous goodness on each foot. I swear my heart soared.

  • I tried on these Stuart Weitzmans too, which were pretty awesome but after the Guccis, my inspiration to buy anything other kind of shutoff.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three of a kind




This might take awhile. All on sale at Urban.

Love from Puerto Rico

  • Pictures taken in Isabella with the extremely talented IAN
  • Ended up getting this Victoria Secret monokini. I'm in love and it's already been deemed the 'James Bond' swimsuit.
  • Staying true to my self-proclaimed title, I wore my glasses under my enormous Urban Outfitters shades. Don't judge me.