Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spring 2010

What I love most about Rodarte is that when other designers are erring on the side of practicality due to the economic downturn, they obviously are anything BUT practical.

I think their Spring collection is so imaginatively brilliant (as are their other collection concepts) but I could definitely see a fashion-don't if put in the wrong hands. Which is why I preferred their more 'structured' pieces (especially the one with leather cage accents) as opposed to the other pieces in the collection that were too 'cat tore up your dress' looking.

And let's face it, anything with tribal tattoos is just cool in my book.

In my personal style, I don't do cute and I definitely don't do pink. So it definitely takes something special to make me give it a second thought. So playful and so vibrant. The rest of the collection is a little bit mod and the polka dots almost make it feel a little bit pin-up-y. I'm in LOVE with the short, playful silhouettes.

When I think of Donna Karen, I can't help but think of middle aged women in professional (but stylish) business suits. But her Spring collection has me catching my breathe. Obviously my favorite have GOT to be the wispy floor-length gowns that totally float on clouds. Damn, that woman can DRAPE! I'm also loving the idea of a nude chiffon accent.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

we were never meant for do or die

i consider myself a pretty quiet person. which probably explains some of my more outlandish outfits as merely a form of my own outspokenness. but more and more i'm coming to realize the underrated appeal of a really badass 'statement' leather jacket. as you can see, my obsession with fringe doesn't just stop with hair...and i happened to score a leather fringe jacket for $35 yesterday, marked down $40 from its original price.

i swear i'm just one lucky SOB when it comes to thrifting.

watched the september issue last night. i won't ruin it for those who have yet to see it but in retrospect i came to several realizations after watching the documentary. the main one being that fashion is probably one of the biggest oxymorons there is. it is everything and yet it is nothing.

photo credits: knightcat, streetpeeper, icanteachyouhowtodoit

Friday, September 11, 2009

dior does indie

i'm lovin the 2009 dior campaign with giselle rocking the haphazard WTF bang. this is one of those rare times when i can really identify with the fashion industry. glad to see they are making the dull knife bang trim fashionable. and i thought i was just saving money.

the first day is always the worst. the right side always ends up longer. always.

ss09 dior runway

source:, flicker

Monday, September 7, 2009

the day before tomorrow

(Urban Outfitters crop top, Tripp neon yellow skinnies, Crown Vintage caged boots)

the reactions i get from these neon yellow pants are about half and half, ranging from genuine compliments to rude laughter (as if i couldn't hear them right behind me). unfortunately the true highlighter potential didn't come out in the photos, but i assure you they are much more electric and obnoxious in person.

all i gotta say is anything remotely resembling the YSL caged bootie should automatically qualify as a statement shoe. i purchased these beauties at the same place i got the studded Gucci- look-a-likes. DSW, people. and i found them both marked down 40-50%. oh-so recession friendly.

p.s. thanks for the wonderful comments on the shots from my last blog entry. i'm sure w.ill will more than appreciate it and just might make the running around in 90 degree heat worthwhile afterall.

photos x scurlock photography

Friday, September 4, 2009

do you collect the souls you've lost in the top of your dresser drawer

(Thrifted denim vest/suede wedges/metal mesh purse, BCBG tank, Target floral skirt, Givenchy thigh highs via Ross)

for some reason i've just been busy. and thus behind on my posting.

looking back at these photos has already become nostalgic for me. i finally drug myself to the hairdresser for a long overdue haircut. ended up cutting off 10 inches for the sake of Locks of Love. but apparently my hairdresser tells me i have to mail it in myself. i should really try to take care of that soon. until then, i have my hair sitting in a plastic bag just chillin in my car. kind of weird.