Tuesday, February 10, 2009


(UO dress worn as top and sunglasses, Ross DIY bleached jeans, Gianni Bini boots, Betsey Johnson floral socks, BCBG sparrow ring)

Ross jeans + bathroom bleach cleaner = one really happy noreen.

The jeans were originally a pretty dark grey. As the bleaching process went on, the jeans started turning this really nasty yellowish color. So tons of bleach and a few strategic cutouts later, after what seemed like a bad DIY actually turned into a really cool one and I am really happy with the way it turned out! They ended up being sort of an off-white color, perfect to pair with the beige dress in my attempt to be mega cool like Style Bubble.

I know, technically this outfit isn't monochromatic. But thus begins my search for the perfect nude booties. Like these.

Bleached jean project inspired by Hande's Closet.
Monochromatic outfit inspired by Style Bubble.


♥ fashion chalet said...

great jeans
great blog
i want to try this diy project out sometime =]


Tonje said...

Nice jeans <3
And thank you so much for all the DIY inspiration!