Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wasson Tribute

(AA bodysuit, Banana Republic vest, Target studded belt, Zara jeans, UO hat and snake necklace, Salvation Army studded clogs)

If I've been overdoing the hat, I apologize. It's sort of a rekindled love. I bought this hat like 5 years ago and never even wore it once. Until now of course.

If I'm not feeling an outfit there are 2 things I've decided that I add by default. Red lipstick or a decent hat. Hell, if I really want to knock em dead, I'll don both at the same time. This hat in particular gives my outfits that indie edge and having been an Austinite for 3 years, it seems like that is where my style is heading.

As soon as I put this outfit together, I knew it would be my tribute to the Miss Erin Wasson. I call these my hippie jeans and with a splash of grunge she's so known for, I say mission accomplished.

1 comment:

Ediot said...

i absolutely adore those zara jeans