Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sixteen Candles

(Macy's boyfriend cardigan, BCBG V neck sweater(worn as tunic), Walmart tie die scarf, Ross jeans and shoes, UO fedora hat, FourEyedFun handmade pillow)

Sewing class always brings out the best in me. Introducing my new pillowcase. I'm thinking some strategically placed silver studs and i've got myself one hardcore pillow.


stylorectic under medical treatment said...

oh my, i didnt checked the past comments for a while,sorry bout the late answer!i dont have the seller anymore as its too long ago, but go to and type in harness and choose clothes,shoes&accessories and then search.i recommend to search in the mens section as it doesnt concentrate on the boobs will see what i mean x).dont forget to check the size!if you have any question dont hesitate and ask me!good luck

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

oh and your pillow is awesome!

saray said...

I really like your scarf..

ANDY said...

I completely agree. she could have done something more fun with the hair!!!

ANDY said...

Nice outfit btw!!!