Wednesday, November 10, 2010

80s + 90s = 100%

(Find Rewind Vintage plaid vest and cowboy ankle boots, Urban Outfitters high waisted denim, Forever 21 hat)

So I collaborated with my friend to open Find Rewind Vintage. For those who have not visited the store yet, you can read our quick bios below: Leave me a comment and let me know if you're more like Celest or more like Noreen (me)! I'd love to know!

Celest's obsession with androgynous fashion began at the hearty age of 12, at which point she began raiding her father's closet and "borrowing" his sweaters and button ups. The clean lines of menswear were an instant attraction to Celest. But her mother's closet became just as appealing to Celest as she grew older, a closet filled with seventies clothing. Almost as symbolic as her parent's union, Celest combined the two styles to create a look that fuses menswear with colorful seventies clothing. Her weaknesses include blazers, colorblocks, rainbow patterns, stripes, ponchos, cardigans, vests, wooden heeled shoes, oxfords, spectator shoes, equestrian boots, button ups, and skinny ties.

Noreen's self proclaimed "rocker" style stems from her own love of music. Her inner sensual being and obsession for the pin-up girl era brings out her tendency towards vintage inspired lingerie and the concept of "innerwear as outerwear". She is often seen combining masculine and feminine pieces, but always with a little bit of attitude. Her weaknesses include oversized sweaters, studs, leather and suede, fur, 5 inch heels, skinny jeans, fringe, anything high-waisted, combat boots, bustiers, denim shirts, denim on denim, and the colors gray and neon yellow.

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