Saturday, January 17, 2009


(Gianni Bini black patent boots)

Debut of my new booties! Suede trim, Gold detail, LOVE.

I don't really do new years resolutions. But if I did this year would probably be to take more care in my personal appearance. Because I've become way too comfortable in wearing bulky sweats and mismatched clothing, even in public places where they just shouldn't be worn. And while I'm all about comfort (really laziness), I've decided that there's a certain amount of care and discipline that needs to be taken not only for the image you want give people but also the image you want to have of yourself.

Yesterday I made a quick stop at VS to take advantage of their semi annual sale and happened to run into one of the most fashionable girls I went to college with, a self-proclaimed 'fashionista'. and she looked, of course, quite chic. I (of course) just got off work at my dad's clinic and was too lazy to go home and change. I looked a total mess. DAMN. Note to self: must try a little bit harder.

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