Friday, January 30, 2009

My tribute to Lennon

(Salvation Army blazer, Worn Free Lennon tee, Marshalls DIY slashed pants, f21 peep toe shoes, UO necklace)

I got turned away from my BCBG interview (really BCBG inside a Dillards) today. Here is a re-enactment of today's events.

BCBG: You're actually going to be interviewing with Carolyn today.....O, I didn't see your pants. That is not appropriate for an interview, I'm sorry.

Me: Oh... well I thought this was 'fashion' retail.

BCBG: no.... this is an interview. You need to be business professional. Like a suit. Sorry.

Me: *shrug* ok. *walks away*

Wow, she was quite rude. Great. What am I supposed to tell my mom. She told me not to wear the pants as we were walking out the door.

Mom: How'd the interview go?

Me: Fine. (lie)

Mom: What did they say?

Me: well, my availability is limited so they said they were gonna interview some more people. (half lie)

Conclusion? 1) This outfit is only for the Erin Wassons in this world that don't have to get a job in the REAL world. 2) listen to your mom.

Needless to say, I don't care to go back and work with a manager with such an attitude. Funny thing is after I got turned away I made my way down to the purse department where 2 different sales associates complimented me on my pants. Figures...

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Anonymous said...

haha, that is a shame ? did you go back ???
I love your look.... i think they would have been inspired by your look.