Saturday, January 24, 2009


(Hurley peppered hoodie, AA gray leotard, f21 highwaisted shorts and pyramid rings, Marshalls DIY slashed leggings, Payless laceup booties, UO beanie, Ebay armor + lion ring)

I must profess my love for estate sales. It's sort of become a bonding activity for me and my mom being that she's always one for a bargain, and a hard bargainer she is). Today while running errands with my mom we happened to spot an estate sale sign and we just had to take a look-see. Apparently it was being run by some company called Margie Beegle sales that organizes and sells everything for you. There was a lot of things to browse but the 'sales associates' (as their tags state) were so stuck up and everything was way overpriced. One of the sales associates was even rude to my mom for no reason. o hell no. Needless to say we walked out with nothing. If you ever come across one of their estate sales, you can know what to expect.

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