Monday, April 6, 2009


I discovered this AMAZING picture from Touchpuppet of Tallulah Morton, who apparently is uber hot right now both in the modeling world in the the blogging community. I'm not really one to worship models. Sure they've got extraordinary looks, and combined with the 'tall and skinny' factor probably place them among the elite 10% of the world who embody all 3 of those characteristics necessary for a top model. While the rest of us have to deal with being short, fat, and ugly. But what I'm really interested in is what they contribute to the artistic side of photos. More than just being a pretty face. The thing I love about that particular photo of Tallulah and of the many photos I have saved on my computer are the amazing lines they create. Just like an artist with his paintbrush, except the lines are created by the positions of their bodies. A concept best demonstrated by the veterans of the modeling world, Gisele and Karolina. Just look at those stems.



♥ fashion chalet said...

I've never seen this image of Tallulah Morton before. Great snap. Thanks for sharing. I'm a fan of the long braid :]


Amanda said...

I couldn't agree more with you!

It's not the girls herself that's important, it's the way she stands (or lays, runs jumps ect...)in the shot

noirohio vintage said...

damnit i wish i had those legs!!

Aly said...

For serious, the legs, the lines.

Thank you for the link too girl!