Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Put on your Helmut

Helmut Lang 2009 RTW

Monochromatic, asymmetrical. Leather, zippers, and fur. The designers Nicole and Michael Colovos took color inspiration from Marlene Dumas, a South African painter whose works were recently exhibited at MoMA. I would absolutely wear everything in this collection. When I see such beauty in a piece of work, it's really hard to be anti-fur. Seriously, I'm really undecided about the whole topic.



Amanda said...

I sometimes think that fake fur can be just as good, or even better than real fur. It can feel softer agains your skin.

But then again I've only felt mink fur when it comes to real.

Ediot said...

thanks for sharing. i adore the lang collection. so great.

scarlett rose said...

Want It <3

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ANDY said...

Sure!, lets trade links girl! I ´ll add you now :)

Nikita said...

Oh my Godddd what a beautiful collection! And I actually got the chance to check out that exhibit, it was wonderful. I didn't know it influenced the collection!

Great site, visit mine?

♥ fashion chalet said...

sure, let's swap links :]
just let me know when, ok, love?


hande said...

omg this collection is amazing!!!
love all pieces !!thank u so much dearest for your comment...i will link u right now if u do the same for me i will be so glad:)
kisses, HANDE...

esther said...

delicious. those are the most perfect skinny pants.
and i'd be happy to trade links with you! :)