Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sequins and Fringe

(Target sequin vest and slouch tank, Asos harem pants, Burlington flats, Zara metal fringe bag, MJ and Chloe necklaces)

  • That bag came all the way from Puerto Rico with love. It was sold out here in the Galleria, but luckily I got connections.
  • I need to say yes to baggy pants and no to bras more often.
  • I used to not wear my Chloe bird carved necklace because I was afraid people would think it's a penis.
  • I finally was able to partake in the fun that is Poladroid. Everything has so much more personality when it has a vintage feel.


Lauren said...

Great outfit, it looks like it is comfortable to wear but it still looks really put together.
Don't worry, your necklace did not make me think of a penis! haha : )

Lori said...

ahh i've seen that bag everywhere its gorgeous!

Yuka said...

omg, your bag is so hot!! and i love the necklaces.

macyaverage said...

I'm really liking that bag. It's almost distracting >.<

also, hope you had a good easter!
I'll make sure to keep you posted on when I get around to finishing that DIY of mine.

Queen A. said...

i´m absolutly in love with your blog hahahaha

fabulous everything said...

Sequins... Mmmmmm!

Eri said...

I love that bag is so cool, I have intentions to DIY one. See you soon

Ediot said...

hi! i adore your necklaces- and the tank looks really nice-