Tuesday, March 31, 2009

6 inchers

(cobrasnake, topshop)

If you've read my tire shoe entry, you know by now that when it comes to shoes I'm pretty much game for any kind of ridiculousness. Since we're talking about ridiculousness, I've really been hankering for some really obscene, juicy 6 inch shoes (and i use the term "6inch" quite loosely to mean "6 inches or more"). I've been kicking myself since I was totally oblivious when these were born. But I attribute it to the fact I didn't enter the blogging world until after the fact.

The topshop shoes seem to be a good option since they fit the requirement (6.4 inches to be exact) but I'm still undecided about that T-strap. Inevitably, a "6 inch" search will yield websites for strippers, because apparently such heights are only reserved for such a profession. But I must argue my case that although stripper heels do require extreme caution when attempting to incorporate it into your wardrobe, it can and IS being done by those who know how. That being said, I'm REALLY feeling those chrome heels.

(Pleaser boots)

(Karla's closet)

She is the only fashionista I know with the balls to wear them.

(Pleaser boots, Basousa)

I definitely would NOT be able to wear these around my parents. 6 inchers would inevitably put me around 6'2" and they already give me fuss when I wearing anything short (or should i say tall?) of flats. And add to the fact their stripper heels? Don't mention it. If anybody else comes across 6 inchers, point me in the right direction!


Lori said...

aren't the sam eldeman balenciaga knockoffs 6 inches? i must consider them..

Noreen said...

yes! but unfortunately they are pretty much extinct, unless you want to pay a ridiculous $400 for them on ebay when they were on sale for $100. that's supply and demand for ya.

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