Sunday, March 8, 2009

Russh Australia

Love this editorial, with the first shot showcasing my favorite trend of high-waisted anything and therefore being the 'money shot'. Now if only you could wear high waisted briefs and a jacket sans shirt in public without being persecuted and ridiculed. That's why the fashion world is just your average imaginary world.



Iole said...

Hi, just discoevred this blog and stopped by. love it. hope you could visit mine

Anonymous said...

heyy, just found your blog through knightcats and im so glad i did, the pictures you have on it are so inspiring and up to date


Le Brunette Pistolet said...

hey I'm from houston as well! I love that first pic with the structured jacket. beauuutiful.

electric feel said...

really nice shoots

amazing blog!

Blood Roses said...

great styling...and if I wore big pants and a jacket out id probably get arrested for causing widespread public sickness!