Wednesday, August 5, 2009

fly your pretty wings around

(Thrifted goodwill leopard jacket, AE tee, tripp jeans, Steve Madden booties,
Jee Vice sunglasses)

Funny story. One day I was studying. Happened to spot this guy with a really nice camera, struck a conversation with him, and next thing you know we're running around town living the dream. I did a mini-interview with W.ill, the man behind the lens.

p.s. yes, those are balls in my drink. Bet yall don't know NOTHIN bout that.

1) how did you get into photography?

I didn't photography got into me, it just kinda clicked, I have a lot of people that support my work and make me want to do better work. I've been taking photos for as long as i can remember and I didn't realize I had so much love for it until recently.

2) where do you find your inspiration?

From beauty, Its really hard to be inspired with the monotony of everyday life, when I can finally snap shots all day and not have monetary constraints, then inspiration wont be far away ( if that makes any sense ) but I have found a muse if she'll have me, and she is just the catalyst I need to keep going, I draw my energy from others

3) What do you think makes you different from other photographers?

Nothing, unless your talking about bad, rich or unprofessional photographers, Im the opposite of those guys

4) If you could tell people one thing about you as an artist, what would it be?

Im not sure if i consider myself an artist, I just document what I see as art, whether it be a gorgeous stylish woman, or a beautifully engineered building, I just want anyone that views my images to feel what I felt when I compressed the shutter

5) Are there any artists that influence your style?

Not really, I love many different types of artists but my influence varies by what Im shooting, I never take a shot thinking "what would Demarchelier or Ansil Adams do?"

6) What's playing on your ipod right now?

I was actually just listening to one of my best friends stuff, he just sent me a new song, his name is The Shaman and I guess the name of the song is "Hun"... look him up why don't cha!!

7) If you saw a stylish woman walking down the street, what would she be wearing that would make you want to stop her and ask to take her picture?

Wow there is so many possibilities it would have to be kinda weird and original and of course daring, I love when women are confident and aren't afraid of their bodies

photos x scurlock photography


Damsels said...

oh wow what a story . great networking skills and love these photos and what youre wearing :)

celestron said...

Ha! I see you revisited Teahouse! BTW, awesomo photos. Can't wait to see more. With these kinds of pics, you know I will be stalking your blog more!

FashionJazz said...

Stunning story!! I soo luv what you are wearing!! Jasna xxx

Ann Onimous said...

That last photo is sOoOoO trippy.