Sunday, August 9, 2009

marley and me

(Macys striped cardigan, thrifted goodwill marley tee, target lace leggings,
steve madden studded booties)

so i was randomly browsing alexander mcqueen on ebay and there was a random listing for the mcqueen x target studded shorts that was using one of my photos from my blog. um, i guess i'll let it slide. i feel so used.

one of my classmates deemed my signature hairstyle 'pebbles' as you can see in the last pic (from the flinstones of course!). i never thought of the resemblance, so cute!

photos x scurlock photography


Lauren said...

I love the pebbles! How weird about the ebay listing...there are some creepers out there on the internet :(

Damsels said...

wow love all the layering . the cardi is excellent with the lace leggings. this look is a perfect 10

Between said...

like your hair tight!

Anonymous Coward said...

lmao @ finding a picture of yourself for a product on eBay.

Props to having your likeness used in selling a product ^_^

I love how you dress.
It's like dgaf chic.