Wednesday, August 12, 2009

minty fresh

(Thrifted salvation army blouse and belt, Tripp leopard pants, Calvin klein pumps)

It just seemed mathematically correct to add this prim and proper mint green blouse with some punk ass leopard pants.

photos x scurlock photography


LaurenSchoon said...

cute outfit! those leopard pants are awesome!

Damsels said...

this is too good .

love the pants and shirt

roxybelle said...

Loves it LOVES it. I too am obsessed with mixing something edgy with something very doll-like. I love how "kate moss" the leopard print pants are. I'm always looking for ways to "kate moss"-up my outfits. The pants are a great add, not to mention the fabulous railroad set you chose.

Maria@chicisimo said...

I love how everything works in that outfit!
Really cute!

Elfie said...

So fab! =)

BTW, you kind of remind me of (a more rock-and-roll, edgier) Joe Chen, one of my favorite Taiwanese actresses.