Friday, May 1, 2009

A DIY smidge

(DIY studded Salvation Army blazer, DIY shredded tank, Asos harem pants, Chloe and BroBlue necklace)

Just a little DIY I cranked out. Nothing overly complicated. However I was pretty satisfied with the asymmetry of the collar. How very avant-garde of me. I started studding from the left then started studding from the right. I finally got tired of studding and just decided to leave part of it blank. This blazer spoke to me because unlike most blazers that fall straight down, the openings actually angle inward. I'll have to take better pictures of it later for you guys.


macyaverage said...

oooh man, I absolutely love it!!!!!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! That's all I can say! It's absolutely gorgeous!

You're a DIY genius!

genna said...

love the gold and white it looks amazing! white kind of studs did you use? can wait to see the better pics of the blazer :)

Anonymous said...

love it

tailorstitch said...

oh man this is just too good for words!!

carlyjcais said...

Awesome!! Where did you get the studs?