Sunday, May 10, 2009

The way I see it

(Salvation army military blazer, Asos harem pants, Calvin Klein pumps)

  • Extravagant shoes are like the friend that's always good for a wild time, but when it counts they're never there for you. Classics will always bail you out when you have nothing to wear.
  • These are on the borderline of grandma shoes, but I think the texture and the high-enough heel save them.
  • I wouldn't necessarily wear them with this outfit...I was just giving them a test run.
  • Yeah, my toes in these shoes? Like sardines in a can. If somebody has a good recommendation for these so-called 'shoe stretchers', send me a comment.


Madame Izma said...

I love it! The arem pants rock the army jacket and the black heels are the perfect glamour touch! such a great outfit ;-)

noirohio vintage said...

those shoes are killer!!! Love the thrifted military blazer too.

tailorstitch said...

the shoes are the blazer well i've always got love for anything military inspired

Amanda said...

I love the shoes! Really classy and elegant!

And as I've said before, I envy your blazer!

Ediot said...

the pumps look great on you- and they look quite comfy. not too high and not too small a heel.
have a great week sweetie

Yuka said...

i almost got these pants. so dumb to not get them. they look so good

Lesley said...

Just found your blog and it's great!!! You seriously have the best salvation army!!! Jealous!