Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few things

  • Stocked up on a bunch of cheap basics at the massive UO galleria sale section. Not really talking Salvation army cheap, but damn cheap for UO that's for sure.
  • I am wearing the pocket tunic as I speak and it is one of the best silhouettes ever.
  • Other purchases not pictured: high-waisted pleather skirt and a "GRUNGE IS DEAD" tee
  • Tip: most of the time in-store is much cheaper than online
  • Attended one of my old college roommates lingerie shower/bachelorette party in Austin this weekend. Hands down one of the best times I've had with alcohol in a long time. Can we say 'let's dance'? If I find a non-incriminating photo, I'll be sure to post!


Lana Hiroko said...

i love the first one!

ahaha i've been to a lingerie party too, anyone who has been to one will agree that it is probaby one of their most memorable events :P

tailorstitch said...

i've actually got he last piece...really versatile

Lori said...

I was gonna get that pocket tank, i love the shape of it

FashionConsciou$ said...

Really like the shredded jeans & tank :)

sa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.