Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm a little behind

(Salvation army acid wash shirt, UO pocket tank, and zippered jeans, Ebay spike ring,
Chloe necklace, cK pumps)

  • I got a haircut a few days ago. A very nice haircut actually. But you would never notice because for some reason I insist on putting my hair up. All the more reason a boy haircut is definitely in my near future.
  • This shirt conveniently doubles as the acid wash jacket I always wanted and never had.
  • This spike ring was way too big for my fingers so I just wear it on top of one of my other rings, and all is right in the world. I'm just waiting for someone to mess with me so I can stick it right in their jugular.
  • This post is dedicated to Liz, who always makes wearing workout headbands uber-chic. I mean who does that?!


Lori said...

that beautiful tank again... i love this whole outfit. that ring is the coolest/best weapon ever

esther said...

wow, love this all. i'm pretty jealous of your acid wash shirt/jacket and i'm pretty sure i have that same tank in black. :) yay!

tailorstitch said...

love the that ring is crazy

Lauren said...

Love the acid wash shirt/jacket. Great find! That ring is outrageous, I also kind of hope you get to stick it into someone's jugular lol!

Royal said...

I'd stab myself with that ring. It's so sharp looking