Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer trash

(Target tank, Salvation army shorts and belt, Ebay combat boots)
  • It's amazing what a little hardware can do for an outfit.
  • I'm thinking after I got some time on my hands I'd like to start up a vintage shop in the cyber world, but I'm afraid I'd want to keep everything I'm supposed to sell.
  • I'm off to IHOP with my mom instead of studying for my final tonight. yay!


Anonymous said...

cool boots.

i like wearing my doc's with shorts in warm weather. it looks cool! but i get stared at.

Is the combat boots with shorts look akin to uggs with shorts? :/

oh well.

Lori said...

^ in response to the anonymous comment about docs and uggs, the answer is combat boots works with shorts a heck of a lot better than uggs because uggs have fur in them. fur + shorts doesnt make sense. leather does ;)
cool outfit, i like the neon with the black tank

Lauren said...

I have that same tank from Target in a few colors. They are soooo comfy! Cute summery outfit : )

Z said...

I'm definitely looking out for a tank top like that one!

Anonymous said...

cool belt
i like this

Victoria Hart said...

Amazing style!

MITICA said...

love the mix underwear and t-shirt!!